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Elijah House​

People completing Elijah House (EH) schools are often heard saying that their lives have been changed... transformed.  "God has freed me from areas of my life that I've been stuck in for years."  "God has freed me to be me!"   


The ministry of EH trains people to walk with another to help that person see the wounding and sinful responses (judgments, inner vows, lies) that form negative strongholds around that wounding, keeping us caught in various forms of bondage and captivity.  Scripture declares that "The entrance of Your Word brings light."  Jesus said, "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free."


Elijah House Ministries offers training to equip people to be competent, safe prayer ministers.  They run four separate one-week schools by approved Facilitators and Small Group Leaders.


Their Mission Statement is to be a Holy Spirit led prayer and teaching ministry committed to the healing and transformation of individuals, families, the church and communities through the Cross and God's Word.


In many respects the schools offer essential aspects of 101 discipleship - what Paul writes about in Romans as sanctification (being made holy).  John Sandford, the co-founder of Elijah House Ministries, said "we are evangelists to the unbelieving areas of believers' hearts."  No one typically wants to look at, or even admit some of the stuff we carry in our closet, but this type of 'looking' that could result in a clean up and clean out is essential if we are to grow in to maturity and in to the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ; that is, into emotional, physical and spiritual wholeness.


We commend the ministry of Elijah House to you.  Many of our community have found EH Ministries to be a profound moment in their life as a believer and follower of Jesus.


Check out their website for further information and calendar for upcoming Schools and Seminars.


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