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774 High Street, Lower Hutt 5011,
New Zealand
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What to Expect...

First up, relax! You don’t have to dress in a suit, or worry that you won’t fit in. People come to River of Life Centre from many different backgrounds, ages and cultures. Just be yourself and come as you are. We want this place to be a safe environment for people to explore faith with others, no matter what your background, your doubts or questions are.  God accepts us as we are.  Everyone is welcome here!


  • Friendly people will welcome you and help you find your way around (where to sit, etc).


  • Your kids will enjoy their own fun, age-appropriate classes during the service (aged 0-12 years).



  • A live band will play a number of songs.  You can just listen or sing along.



  • Someone will say “hello” to the Church and talk about some events coming up.



  • Someone will talk about something that matters to your life.



  • When it's finished you can enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea) and some cake!


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